Attention to details

Attention to details

Motorcycling is our passion as well as traveling and we strive to make the best of the two. Details in planning routes, stops and overnights are things we're proud of. As a small agency, we make sure that each guest gets special attention.

We are


Addicted to two wheels and adventure

Each agency has its own style and its own ways. We like to spice things up a little bit. We've been riding through Croatia and its neighborhood for a long time now, and we’ve always tried different ways, discovering something new. We in MotoTrip always try to combine excellent riding and time for relaxation, so you can take a swim or just enjoy the magic beaches of Adriatic coast. Some of our tours include boat trips to remote islands, where you can enjoy the beautiful seaside firsthand, so it’s not just about riding. It's about the feeling. The tours we offer always involve additional activities along the way, such as rafting or diving, horse riding or mountain climbing, to name just a few. Don't worry, you’ll always be safe with us, and those little things and adventures will always stay in our memories. On rest days, we'll often suggest a quick ride out of town, so we could find a hidden bay or just witness a beautiful sunset. You get the picture. That’s the way we live. That's our style.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation is always insured in the best three and four star hotels or private apartments. All prices include a twin/double room, and if you're travelling alone, we can arrange an upgrade to a single bedroom. When it comes to food, we mostly go for dinner to traditional local restaurants, which offer exquisite specialties depending on which region we're at. While cruising around the Adriatic coast, we like to enjoy local seafood specialties, and at the evenings we'll treat ourselves with a glass of excellent wine. And perhaps, if the wine is that good (which is very likely, trust us), we could have a few more glasses.

Darko Novosel

Certified International BMW Motorrad Tourguide and Instructor, professional photographer, passionate biker and worldwide traveler

Darko is the founder and owner of MotoTrip. He had his first ride during elementary school and since then he can’t get off the bike. While on college, his love and engagement for photography made it possible for him to spend every summer somewhere else. He travelled through entire Europe on the bike, and every time he got home, first thing that came to his mind was, “I've got a great plan for next year!” After a few years, he graduated and founded MotoTrip. As you can see, this company is a result of love for combining his three greatest passions – motorcycling, traveling and photography.

In April 2014, our chief guide Darko Novosel attended the BMW International Tourguide Academy in Germany- Munich, to become the only BMW Approved Tourguide in Croatia and Adriatic region. After intense, but also very productive week, he successfully passed all the final tests and was given the BMW Motorrad Tourguide Certification. We are really proud to have one of few BMW Motorrad certified Tourguides in the world! That said, when riding with us, be sure you'll be safe, have great time and bring back home loads of nice memories.

In 2017, with the idea to set the bar at the highest level in this field, Darko Novosel attended the BMW Motorrad Academy once again- this time joining the elite ͚BMW Instructors͛ family with ͚Certified BMW Motorrad On-Road Instructor͛ title. This not only accredits his riding skills, but even more important, the ability to pass on his knowledge to other riders. That often helps a lot while touring- specially in Europe. Small riding tips will make every rider feel more comfortable on his bike, thus making the trip more enjoyable and safe. One or two days͛ trainings are also helpful and can be organized prior certain tours.

I think adventure. That's my problem. The way I see it, motorcycling helps me a lot. I just love trips, new places, meeting new people, coffee breaks, picnics and all the fun that goes along. If you see my point, then I must say that you might have the same problem. Welcome to MotoTrip - the right place!

Travel and photography

With Mototrip you will have an unforgettable adventure, and to make sure that you keep the memories forever, we will give you the best souvenir – Photo memories. A collection of premium quality photos that will always remind you of days spent with us. The pleasure of seeing you smile while looking at those photos at the end of the tour is always our greatest reward. But, be aware. Don't let your tour guide Darko get too annoying with his camera. Just kidding, it doesn’t happen too often.

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